Left Hand Maniac E​.​P.

by The Electric Bootleg

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As a keyboard player, i always liked to record a rock album without guitars. After listening to Black Diamond Heavies and Crash Kings, i was impressed and started recording this EP.

Thanks to Moss(Watermelon Amaliados), Giorgos K(Left hand Maniac), Dimitris(Mr Administrator), Giorgos V(Lizard !!!) and Fanis(A lot of fun) for their help and inspiration.

Dedicated to all my keyboard heroes, and to the people of Kemi(Finland) and Chattanooga(Tennessee).

Enjoy !!!


released September 11, 2014

Music and Lyrics by Antonis Adelfidis

Moss “The Boss” Κordakis - Lead and Backing Vocals
Antonis Adelfidis - Fender Rhodes, Hammond Organ, Bass Keys, Midi programming, Audio editing, Recordings
George Katsanos - All Solos (Hohner Pianet T, Hammond Organ, Analog Synthesizer)
Dimitris Delis - Midi programming, Audio editing

Produced, Composed and Arranged by Antonis Adelfidis
Cover Artwork by George Valvis
Mixed and Mastered by Dimitris Delis

Thanks to Theofanis Loukas for his “grammatical corrections” !!!

Dedicated to : Jerry Lee Lewis, Rick Wright, Jon Lord, Ray Manzarek, Black Diamond Heavies, Crash Kings and all the rock bands without guitars !!!

Cover Photo : James Leg’s hands



all rights reserved
Track Name: You have a lot of fun(Fanis song)
You work like a dog at M.I.S.
you leave work at 9 pm
a lot of stress
when you go home at way past ten
you start to run on an cross trainer
what a mess

E.V.A. E.V.A. it’s sounds but it’s not ok
E.V.A. M.I.S. if you’re happy shout YES

You must work fewer hours again
and start to go to rock concerts
with a friend
you got a new netbook to have some fun
it’s time to start new habits
like B.D.H*, my man

You have a lot of fun
You have a lot of fun
but start to get life seriously
before you start to run

* Black Diamond Heavies

M.I.S. - Management Information Systems
E.V.A. - Economic Value Added
Track Name: Burn this heart
Out in the night alone
no fucking place around to rest
out in the cold alone
no fucking place around to nest

Outside your door alone
no warm hug to sink inside
outside your heart alone
no redemptive love to go deep inside

I beg of you for mercy
i beg of you for a little smile
I see your darkest face
I see the anger in your mind

I’ll burn this place around
i’ll break this heart that makes me cry
I’ll break your door so hard and
I’ll run away from you tonight
Track Name: Dirty roadz
Dirty roads, dirty minds
Dirty, terrible, cold nights
Dirty roads, dirty minds
Don’t you think about happy times
Dirty roads, dirty minds
dirty bodies, sleepless nights
dirty roads, dirty minds
useless, stolen lives

Spending in abuses all your life
don’t you dare, don’t you try
shut your mouth, open your mind
save yourself, see the light
brake the chains, give your fight
keep your faith, don’t look behind
taking back your stolen life
take it back again

Wake up from your sleep
tell me what you think
two roads you can choose
the first you die
the second you loose
it’s better to loose
all these you had choose

Dare again, make your move
you are the sun, you’re the moon
Track Name: Never hide again
can you seat beside me ?
can you say a prayer with me ?
do you ever fear death ?
have you ever lost your breath ?

our friend is up in the sky
i always try to find
why all these souls are gone
my empty life is all i own

share your thoughts with me
don't hide your fears from me
from now on we are alone
we must be as hard as stone

If we want to survive……

Can you ever love yourself ?
do you ever beg for help ?
do you ever break the rules ?
Have you ever trust some fools ?

our friend is far away
in a better place, i pray
we must stand and fight again
for our souls until the end

look the bright sky
choose right now your side
us or them
never hide again

we will fight for our rights
with friends by our sides
and, If we must die (if needs be )
let it be with heads up high