The A​.​R​.​69 Years E​.​P.

by UnderGround Society

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Some years ago i was a member of a band called AlfaRED69. These tracks were written by me these days, but never played live or recorded from the band. After the brake of AlfaRED69, i released "Gia mia litromeni psihi" and now it's time you listen these 4 songs.
Thanks to all my friends that played in this e.p. and to all of my past bandmates in AlfaRED...

Enjoy !!!


released October 20, 2012

Music and Lyrics by Antonis Adelfidis

Moss “The Boss” Κordakis - Lead and Backing Vocals
Takis Mentis - Bass Guitar
Dimitris Κoidakis - Rhythm Guitar
Vassilis Mousakos - Guitar Solos
Antonis Adelfidis - Keyboards, iPod, Midi programming, Audio editing, Recordings
George Katsanos - Melodion(1)
Dimitris Delis - Midi programming, Audio editing

Produced, Composed and Arranged by Antonis Adelfidis
Cover Artwork by George Valvis
Mixed and Mastered by Dimitris Delis

Thanks to Panagiotis Berdenis for his “grammatical corrections” !!!
A.R.69 = AlfaRED69(check it !!!)



all rights reserved
Track Name: In Rock We Trust
I went back home

after a night full of girls and rock

I slept like a log

That wasn’t a dream, that was a shock

The biggest concert

The loudest show of all time

Is hell or heaven

Oh God, I’ll be drinking like a fish every time

Bon Ronnie and Jim

Are next to me in their dirty blue jeans

Elvis on stage

Shaking his legs in the most sensual way

Phil and John

This rhythm section moves like a stone

Stevie and Rory

Write with guitars the whole rock story

Janis the siren

Cries and laughs like a mad little girl

And Ray behind his keys

Bleeds his fingers with the boogiest riffs

George and John

Sing a duet in an emotional tone

And Jimi up front

With his white strat sits on his throne

I don’t want to wake up

I don’t wanna stop

The concert of our lives

It’s alive in front of my eyes

In rock we trust

Our crazy dreams

Forget the past

The crowd screams

In rock we trust

Your throat bleeds

Just scream once more

and raise your fist
Track Name: Dirty Mind
Your dirty mind spins around me

The moment is great

Your body is dancing on the floor

My mind is blown away

Come closer and why not

Keep moving a little more

I know you are my destiny

But the end is closer for me

Dirty mind, innocent crime

My world belongs to you

Dirty mind, your wildest fire

(It’s burning

Yeah burning)

You will be my own desire

Stay away from me I can’t survive

From your cruel instincts

But on the other side I ask for more

Am I nuts or (just) an idiot ?

So I’ll dive in your dirty world

what else can I do ?

I put my life into your hands

Do it anything you want

I want out

I shout it loud

I shut the door

I want you more
Track Name: Full Moon
Every full moon, a curse is haunting you

when the night comes, a beast grows in you

Fear and horror, you give them only pain

the face of terror, begins the devil’s rain

you change into a wolf

you loose your mind

You touch her face, you mean everything to her

behind these black eyes, you see all the world's despair

She knows of the demon, that follows your destiny

one bloody night left, settle in her dream

only love can redeem you

pray or die is all you can do

Kill to live

hide to die

you can’t escape

you can’t survive

Kill to die

hide to live

you have no chance

you never forgive


child of the night
Track Name: Before The Storm
A hundred years before the storm

A dark night ruled the world

A demon on a black horse

Destroyed people’s dreams

He hated all humanity

He believed in his own god

His army was full of thieves

Monsters and soulless murderers

They killed and ate the poor mankind

Everyone had lost their faith

They started to question the word of God

Their lives were full of tears and pain

The warlord of god stands through the fire

His armour shines like the sun

He cries out “to war” and the sky

Starts to rain and roar

Destroy the lines of enemies

With his imperium war machine

the earth is shaking by their strength

the bloodiest of all this batlle shall be

the dry land soaks from monsters blood

this victory is gift from god

The demon is sent back to hell

The age of darkness comes to an end